International Day of Indigeneous Peoples

Today is International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples! According to the United Nations, the theme this year is “Indigenous Media, Empowering Indigenous Voices.” It’s nice to see indigenous groups being recognized not as ancient civilizations or oppressed minorities, but as powerful, modern communities actively working to shape their futures. To that end, I came […]

Race in Advertising

From time to time, race issues pop up in advertising. Race is a tricky subject in advertising because common approaches tend to reinforce racial stereotypes and rub people the wrong way if not handled with care.

Should I be offended? Race-based comedy

I especially enjoy comedy that makes you think. Comedy can broach taboo topics like racism and stereotypes and make them fair game for open commentary. If done well these comedic monologues on race can reveal the absurdity of people’s belief systems.

Video Thursday: From the Eyes of a 100-year-old Chief

A centenarian, chief of his indigenous village on the South Pacific island of Vanuatu, speaks about culture, his life, dying, and changing times: Contains traditional Vanuatu clothing—very revealing by Western standards.Via The Daily Dish It’s great to see things like this video—or like our Vanishing Cultures books—that search out people in isolated areas and cultures […]

Video Thursday: Visualizing the World

Swedish doctor and statistician Hans Rosling illustrates and explains the progression of world health and wealth around the world, tracking 200 countries over 200 years. Disparities between the colonizers and the colonized, the effect of wars, emerging economies—it’s all here: We’re off for the holidays tomorrow and next week, so we’ll see you in 2011. […]

Video Thursday: Shadeism

This week, we have a moving documentary about the distinction made based on skin color, even within a single culture or ethnic group. It’s long, but it’s worth watching the whole thing, from the interview with a four-year-old girl to the academic perspectives of professors. Contains Adult Language Shadeism, posted with vodpod, via Love Isn’t […]

Video Thursday: The Domino Effect

Via Laughing Squid, our video of the week celebrates a playful love of books: I think we can all agree: that is so cool.

Video Thursday: Hair Love

We read a lot about the often-fraught, often-politicized relationship between black women and girls and their hair. Today, however, we’re looking at a happy relationship between a black girl and her hair. From Sesame Street (via ColorLines):

Video Thursday: Everyone’s Reading Yummy

We know we’ve done something right when readers share their excitement for our books with the entire Internet. Amy Cheney, librarian at Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center, is one of those excited readers: she made a video with other staff at the ACJJC, all explaining why they love Yummy and why it’s great for the […]

Video Thursday: Chopsticks!

Via Angry Asian Man, a music video on the environmental impact of disposable chopsticks: It’s great to see people thinking about the little, easy-to-do ways we can all help the environment—all the while supporting the deliciousness of sushi and other foods traditionally eaten with chopsticks!