Three Ways to Teach Etched In Clay by Andrea Cheng

Literacy specialist, Jill Eisenberg, provides three ways to use Etched In Clay in the classroom. Etched in Clay is a powerful book for a unit on poetry, author’s artistic and literary choices, American slavery, and more.


Poetry Friday: “A Poem!” from Etched In Clay

Author Andrea Cheng shares one of her favorite poems from ETCHED IN CLAY for National Poetry Month and Poetry Friday.

What does Passover celebrate?

An explanation of what Passover celebrates, and some recommended resources for teaching young people about slavery and freedom.

Black History Month: Why Remember Bill Traylor?

Who was Bill Traylor, and why should we remember him? Author Don Tate shares his thoughts on one of America’s most important outsider artists.

Why the Lee & Low staff walked 12 miles

Last fall, some of the staff at Lee & Low wanted to find out what it was like to walk twelve miles. Why? We were inspired by the feat that Frederick Douglass’ mother accomplishes in Love Twelve Miles Long by Glenda Armand and Colin Bootman: she walks twelve miles by night to visit her son. […]