Protesting Injustice Then and Now

Our Senior Literacy Specialist, Jill Eisenberg, offers some thoughts and resources for how to teach and talk about protest, race, and current events.


Thoughts on Ferguson and Recommended Resources

A note from the publisher of LEE & LOW BOOKS on the events in Ferguson, Missouri and why they matter.

Why is Black Barbie Less Important? Talking To Kids About Race

Guest poster Howey McAuley shares what happened when her 5-year-old biracial daughter lost a black Barbie doll and said, “She’s just the black one.”

How to Deal with a Racist Remark

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about being called a racial slur in my hometown. The post generated a lively discussion. As a follow-up, we decided to put together a flow chart that illustrates possible courses of action a person might take when an unfortunate incident like this occurs. While choosing to turn and walk away is always an option, those on the receiving end of racism are fully aware that these incidents are upsetting, and sometimes it makes sense to stand up for yourself and others.

When Racism Comes Home

This past weekend some guy called me a gook. What was surprising is it happened right in my hometown. I have lived in my town for five years now and have never had any problems with racism. This came out of the blue and was totally unprovoked. I was on my way to pick up Indian takeout for my family’s dinner.