Poetry Friday: “Broadway Moon” from A Full Moon is Rising

Author Marilyn Singer shares one of her favorite poems from A FULL MOON IS RISING for National Poetry Month and Poetry Friday.

Poetry Friday: Marilyn Singer’s Favorite Poems

Poet Marilyn Singer shares a few of her favorite poems for National Poetry Month.

Compiling Rigorous Thematic Text Sets

Resident Literacy Expert Jaclyn DeForge compiles a set of thematically related texts for classroom instruction.

Another Sensational Summer Read Aloud!

For the next installment in our series on Sensational Summer Read Alouds, here’s another title that has a high student-interest level, can be used to hit multiple Common Core learning standards, and is super rich in terms of content. Today’s  Pick: A Full Moon is Rising  Written and Illustrated by: Marilyn Singer Genre: poetry & […]

The biggest full moon of the year

In our busy day-to-day life, certain things often slip by unnoticed. When is the last time you stepped outside to admire a full moon? If you can’t remember the last time you admired the moon, tomorrow night is the night to do it. Thanks to the fact that our lunar neighbor will be especially close […]

How to Read a Poem Aloud, Part 2

Some more advice from our LEE & LOW poets! This piece of wisdom is from award-winning author Marilyn Singer. Her first Lee & Low title, A Full Moon Is Rising, is expected later this spring. Some great advice from a woman who really knows poetry! “My parents knew that reading to their kids was important.  […]