Resources For Teaching About Wangari Maathai and Seeds Of Change

Jill Eisenberg, our Literacy Specialist, celebrates Wangari Maathai’s birthday and shares online resources, activities, and lesson plans for educators teaching the book Seeds Of Change.

Why Shigeru Ban Winning the Pritzker Architecture Prize is So Great

Author and illustrator Christy Hale shares why she included Pritker Prize winner Shigeru Ban in her book Dreaming Up and how his architecture can inspire young people.

How to Compare and Contrast with the Common Core in Kindergarten

Literacy Specialist Jill Eisenberg explains how to compare and contrast two books of similar topic and genre to teach toward the Common Core for Kindergarten.

Using Dual Language and Bilingual Books in Third and Fourth Grade

Literacy Expert Jillian Eisenberg shares ideas of how to use dual language and bingual books with parent volunteers to foster deep thinking in grades three and four.