Ten Ways Teachers Can Support Parents and Cultivate Student Success

Our literacy expert shares 10 ways that teachers and other educators can support parents and help cultivate student success.

Why use thematic text sets?

Resident Literacy Expert Jaclyn DeForge discusses the benefits of utilizing thematic text sets in the classroom.

Compiling Rigorous Thematic Text Sets

Resident Literacy Expert Jaclyn DeForge compiles a set of thematically related texts for classroom instruction.

UPDATE: A More Multicultural Appendix B

Resident Literacy Expert Jaclyn DeForge shares a REVISED and UPDATED multicultural supplement to the Common Core Standard’s Appendix B list of exemplar texts.

Goal Setting for Reading Success Part 1: Setting a reachable, standards aligned reading goal

These days, the words testing or assessment tend to bring up many conflicting emotions among educators, but determining where your students need to be at the end of the year and how you (the teacher)are going to keep track of individual progress toward each standard is a key part of proactive planning.