11 Educator Resources for Teaching Children About Latin American Immigration and Migration

Our literacy specialist, Jill Eisenberg, recommends 11 educator resources to accompany picture books around Latin American immigration and give students the context and perspective they need to understand current events and the diversity in experiences of coming to America.

11 Books on Latin American Immigration and Migration

Our literacy specialist, Jill Eisenberg, presents 11 picture books to discuss current events around Latin American immigration.

Compiling Rigorous Thematic Text Sets: Books About Immigration

Resident Literacy Expert Jaclyn DeForge compiles a set of thematically related texts for classroom instruction.

Read the first three chapters of Summer of the Mariposas!

Loved Under the Mesquite? For a limited time, we’re sharing the first three chapters of Belpré winner Guadalupe Garcia McCall’s next book, Summer of the Mariposas, out in October! Summer of the Mariposas is a YA retelling of The Odyssey about five sisters who embark on a road trip through Mexico to return a dead […]

Should I be offended? Race-based comedy

I especially enjoy comedy that makes you think. Comedy can broach taboo topics like racism and stereotypes and make them fair game for open commentary. If done well these comedic monologues on race can reveal the absurdity of people’s belief systems.

This Week in Diversity: American Geography

Oh, Arizona. Why are so many things happening in your beautiful state lately that give us reason to talk about you in these roundups? This time around, it’s a mural featuring the faces of local schoolchildren—but the schoolchildren are a diverse crowd, the mural was drawing racist slurs, and the school’s principal asked for a […]

Video Thursday: Illegal European Immigrants

Via Stuff White People Do, a different perspective on Arizona’s new immigration law: Ah, humor. Reminds me of this now-classic tee shirt: But all kidding aside, what we need is not more people with guns. It’s more schools with pencils and books, more community centers offering classes for adult immigrants. And a society that looks […]

This Week in Diversity: Arizona, the Supreme Court, and Crayons

Before we launch into this week’s roundup of race and diversity links, I’d like to make a plea: help your local library. Many around the country are facing massive budget cuts, so let your elected officials know that your library is important. New Yorkers, NYPL has a handy form to help you contact your City […]

Video Thursday: We speak Racist

We’ll ignore the fact that they wouldn’t save money because they would lose their Federal transportation funding if they only offered the test in English. We won’t ignore that it’s racist; it’s barely-coded anti-immigrant rhetoric, and in the current political climate, anti-immigrant rhetoric is barely-coded anti-Latino rhetoric. And “If you want to live here, learn […]

This Week in Diversity: History, Alternate Reality, and the Future

Last Friday haiku Thirty days of poetry Ending with a verse. Let’s start the week’s links with some history! It turns out that there have been biracial people for a long time, and we’re not just talking homo sapiens of European descent with those of African descent: a recent genetic study found evidence of interbreeding […]