The Gift of Hope: Guadalupe Garcia McCall on first books

Author/poet Guadalupe Garcia McCall reveals how the mission of First Book, to get low-income children their very first book, is a reality that many children face, including herself when she was growing up.

Book-Hungry Hands: A guest post by Pat Mora

Author/poet Pat Mora talks about witnessing the special connection Spanish-speaking children make with books that include their culture and language.

Growing Up without Books: Discovering DeShawn

Guest blogger, author/poet Tony Medina talks about growing up in the projects without books and later as an author witnessing the true power of connecting multicultural books with children of color.

The Only Book in the House

Guest blogger, author Joseph Bruchac talks about the influence books have had on his life and the continued importance of books in the lives of children today.

First Book, Stories for All Project Chooses LEE & LOW

In a groundbreaking announcement, First Book, a non-profit social enterprise launched the Stories for All project. The project’s aim is to introduce a significant number of multicultural books into the hands of low-income children. LEE & LOW was chosen as one of two publishers to be a part of this endeavor and receive a $500,000 award.

How to Read a Poem Aloud, Part 4

As Spring finally appears to be arriving and April is swiftly fleeting away, Guadalupe Garcia McCall shares some advice about reading poetry- and adding your own passion into that reading. A published poet in more than twenty literary journals, McCall’s first book, Under the Mesquite, will be released by LEE & LOW in Fall 2011. […]