Cover Design 101: Rebellion (Book 3 in the Tankborn trilogy)

In this Cover Design 101 post, Tu Books Publisher Stacy Whitman shares the process of creating the cover of Rebellion (Book 3 in the Tankborn trilogy)

Cover Design 101: Killer of Enemies

In this post, Tu Books Editorial Director Stacy Whitman and designer Isaac Stewart chat about how they came up with the final cover concept for Joseph Bruchac’s Killer of Enemies.

Cover Design 101: Hammer Of Witches, and the Pros of Illustrated Covers

We’re so excited about the upcoming release of our new YA historical fantasy Hammer of Witches! In this post, Tu Books Editorial Director Stacy Whitman discusses how she and the designer came up with the final cover: Historical fantasy can be tough to market. You have to show that, despite being steeped in research and history, this is an […]

Cover Design 101: The cover of Awakening

We’re getting close to the release of Awakening, the upcoming sequel to the YA science fiction dystopia Tankborn from our Tu Books imprint! Awakening continues the story of Kayla and Mishalla, two teen GENs (genetically engineered nonhumans) fighting for freedom and equality:   Last week, we were lucky to get some help revealing the cover of […]


For a long time we’ve been talking about our upcoming anthology, Diverse Energies, and I am thrilled to be able to share the cover with all of you at last! Diverse Energies is a YA anthology of dystopian stories with a focus on diversity, and features stories by several award-winning speculative fiction writers including Ursula […]

Cover Reveal: Summer of the Mariposas by Guadalupe Garcia McCall

Like dating, designing the right cover for a book can be a long, arduous process. Sometimes a cover gives off the wrong impression. Sometimes it’s too showy, sometimes it’s too dull. Sometimes a cover says all the right things, but lacks sincerity. But sometimes, you find The One. And you just know. That was the […]

Design 101: How a Book Cover Gets Made, Part II

In the first part of our guest blog, Tu Books Editorial Director Stacy Whitman and designer Isaac Stewart discussed how they came up with the cover concept for the novel Vodník. In part II, they share covers they considered and explain how they came up with the final design. Isaac: By the time we chose […]

Design 101: How a book cover gets made

In this two-part guest blog post, designer Isaac Stewart and Tu Books Editorial Director Stacy Whitman discuss how they came up with the final cover for our new YA fantasy, Vodník: Isaac: Before brainstorming ideas for a book design, I usually get a few pieces of key information from the editor: 1.     What age-range and […]