This Week in Diversity: Gender, Books, and Maps.

Welcome to another diversity-filled week! As happens fairly regularly in the literary world, people have been talking about gender and books. Two different takes caught our eyes this week: The Book Bench at the New Yorker took an analytical look at the discussion with What We Talk About When We Talk About Men Not Reading, […]

This Week in Diversity: Heritage

The census, however flawed and necessary it may be, has triggered some great writing and thinking about race and how we define ourselves. From CNN we have two great essays: journalist and filmmaker Raquel Cepeda writes on being Latino and the stories her family has told of their mixed heritage, and author Walter Mosley brings […]

Video Thursday: Thinking Outside the Census Box

Author Chang-Rae Lee speaks about what box he’s going to check on his census, and how little it says about him: more about "Chang-Rae Lee on the Census", posted with vodpod Most interesting to me is his comments on the white box as opposed to the many Asian boxes. There are eleven subcategories of Asian, […]

Video Thursday: Fusion

Continuing last week’s conversation on being biracial or multiracial—in a video and link to an essay about census—we have a video looking back to the 2008 presidential campaign and a group of multiracial students at Rutgers: If the video does not appear, you may need to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. The […]

This Week in Diversity: Boys, Girls, and Government

Yesterday we posted a video on the frustrations of biracial people being put into little boxes. Taking a very different view is Michele Elam, with a thought-provoking article about the pitfalls of “mark one or more races” on the census. On her blog, author Shannon Hale takes a look at the lack of girls in […]

Work: Past, Present, Future

I’ve been looking a lot at the Job Voyager, a nifty interactive chart of the U.S. labor force from 1850 through 2000. On it, you can see the number of farmers and farm workers decreasing fairly steadily and the number of clerical workers rising. You can see the percentage of women in workforce increasing, with […]