Mix it up! 15 Books about Kindness and Giving

A list of picture books about kindness and giving, to celebrate Mix-It-Up-At-Lunch Day and for all year round.

Announcing Our Newest Reprints from Children’s Book Press

LEE & LOW BOOKS is pleased to announce sixteen reprint releases from CHILDREN’S BOOK PRESS.

10 Best Strategies for Reading to Kids in Spanish

Educator Jennifer Brunk from Spanish Playground shares ten great strategies for reading to kids in Spanish.

Using Dual Language and Bilingual Books in Third and Fourth Grade

Literacy Expert Jillian Eisenberg shares ideas of how to use dual language and bingual books with parent volunteers to foster deep thinking in grades three and four.

SNEAK PEEK: Marisol McDonald and the Clash Bash

A sneak peek of fall release Marisol McDonald and the Clash Bash by award-winning team Monica Brown and Sara Palacios.

Book-Hungry Hands: A guest post by Pat Mora

Author/poet Pat Mora talks about witnessing the special connection Spanish-speaking children make with books that include their culture and language.

Children’s Book Press Titles Back In Print

Check out the new 2013 Children’s Book Press catalog to see which of your favorite multicultural and bilingual titles are now back in print.