Video Thursday: The Domino Effect

Via Laughing Squid, our video of the week celebrates a playful love of books: I think we can all agree: that is so cool.

A Literary Halloween

It’s nearly Halloween, and instead of bemoaning how quickly the fall has gone and the imminence of winter, I’m going to celebrate instead: Halloween’s an excuse for literary costumes! Personally, my default costume is “Shakespearean Heroine of the moment.” I’ve been Juliet, Hero, Viola… all the fun females from the Bard. I’ve been villains, too, […]

Literary Incompatibility

Last month, Sonya Chung had a post at The Millions on breaking up with books: quitting a book mid-read. Now, I’m a big fan of Nancy Pearl’s Rule of 50: if you’re under fifty years of age, read the first fifty pages of a book and, if you’re not enjoying it, stop; if you’re over […]

February Break

It’s a dreary, snowy day outside the office windows—the kind of day that makes me want to curl up with a book (or two or three) and a steaming mug of hot cocoa. And is that book (or two or three) something new and provocative, something I’ll need to think about and stretch my mind […]

Poll: MLK Day

Welcome back after the long weekend! Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day is an important one, reminding us of this great man, how far we have come since he had a dream, and how far we still have to go. It’s also a nice opportunity to relax and, for many of us, enjoy a day […]

A Different Kind of Book Art

We talk a lot about art in books and on books—covers, more covers, and illustrations. Art that’s part of the book. But what if we go in the other direction? Art made of books? From Villiard. From Apartment Therapy. Art made on books? From This Blog Rules. Art made for books? From Josepfin Hellström-Olsson.

Covers: The good, the bad, and the ugly

People have been talking a lot about cover art lately, what with all the Best-Of Lists floating around this time of year. When it comes to cover art, I’ve found that people are shockingly opinionated. Maybe you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can still judge the cover. Sometimes cover controversy is […]

What’s different about this book cover?

Hint: Here’s the original cover. Our operations manager John snuck this into his powerpoint at our meeting today. Not exactly how illustrator Dom Lee originally envisioned it. But hey, changes must be made to reflect our changing world, right?

Our Favorite Punctuation

Today is National Punctuation Day. Today, a day for celebrating the marks that make our writing readable, is a good day for grammar nerds. Because we are, in fact, grammar nerds, we bring you our two favorite punctuation marks. The Semicolon by Miriam I love the semicolon. It is a beautiful grammatical device, neatly linking […]