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Authors, illustrators, educators, and other industry professionals visit the blog to share their expertise.

Classroom Library: 5 Things to Consider

Guest blogger, Lindsay Panko, shares 5 ways to build a classroom library that works.

Choosing the World Our Students Read

In a guest post, Emily Chiariello discusses Teaching Tolerance’s new curriculum tool, “Project Appendix D,” that empowers educators to identify texts that both meet the demands of the Common Core Standards and reflect the world in which our students live.

A Visit With the Open Book Foundation

Author Mark Greenwood and illustrator Frané Lessac visit a school in Washington, DC with An Open Book Children’s Literacy Foundation.

Paula Yoo on Muhammad Yunus, Banking Smarter, and Managing Finances

Author Paula Yoo shares advice on what’s she’s learned about banking, loans, and managing finances while researching for her book, TWENTY-TWO CENTS: MUHAMMAD YUNUS AND THE VILLAGE BANK.

Gender Matters? Swedish Picture Books and Gender Ambiguity

Librarian and scholar Laura Reiko Simeon discusses how gender and gender-ambiguous characters are handled in Swedish picture books.

Book Activities for the Family

Amanda Boyarshinov, one of the founders of the website The Educators’ Spin On It, shares how to make a family theme love basket using LEE & LOW BOOKS.

Where’s the Diversity, Hollywood? Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blockbusters Overwhelmingly White, Male

Summer blockbuster season is in full swing. For many moviegoers, that means escaping to a galaxy far, far away—or perhaps just a different version of our own planet Earth—through science fiction and fantasy movies. As fans clamor for the latest cinematic thrills, we decided to focus our next Diversity Gap study on the level of racial and gender representation in these ever-popular genres that consistently rake in the big bucks for movie studios.

Tearing Down Walls: The Integrated World of Swedish Picture Books

How diverse is children’s literature in other countries? Librarian Laura Reiko Simeon shares her research on diversity in children’s books in Sweden.

Where are the people of color in dystopias?

Librarian Sarah Hannah Gómez analyzes depictions of diversity in today’s biggest dystopian books, TV shows, and movies.

Interview with Jan Reynolds, Who Circumnavigated Mount Everest

An interview with adventurer and author Jan Reynolds.